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This post made my day

5.I saw my hindu lover yesterday , I'm so happy wen I'm next to him so calm so at peace I fall in love with him with each touch and kiss we have ..
4. He has a girl and truth be told I don't care I did at one time but he push and push I gave in so it been 4yrs strong Wow ..
3 . I'm mix black and panamanian and 30 yrs old he is 28 and I love it when he calls out my name lmao .. love him sooo much that I get weak ,
2. I just went for my check up and I'm ok No baby in the oven smh , I feel sick sometimes that I had the abortion , : ( ..
1. I post along time ago would anyone notice if leave this world and someone and this site stop me ... Thank you for your kind words and the story u put up there when I seen ur post I cried and cried and that's when I called my lil one my baby girl and my feelings was not so strong but still here inside of me ... Ms.K you are a very kind and wonderful person to make this site happen .. with much respect and love thank you .... bless be . 3x fold ur blessing will come ...

[Admin here: Thank you for posting again and letting me know that you are okay. I cried too. I'm glad you're still with us. K]

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