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Tried to make me go to rehab, I said no no no

1.I'm 21 I've been n luv wit this amazin dude(w) since I was 16 we never called each other boyfriend nd girlfriend but we were only 4 each other till we hit 18 he got locked up nd when he got out it seemed like he didn't want 2 talk 2 me any more so I moved on got a bf(m) nd ended up loosin my virginty 2 my bf nstead of the boy I was n luv wit I regreted it afterwards

2.once (w) started talk 2 me again I broke up wit (m) who I had strong feelings 4 nd wstarted talkin back 2 (w) I feel as tho (w) luv me nd want 2 b wit me but were still young nd he's a male nd still wants 2 have fun so he doesn't want to b n a relationship wit me cuz when he gets n a relationship wit me we gonna last 4 a long tym if not 4ever nd I think he's afraid of the thought of bein tied dwn so young which I'm cool wit.....but I dnt wanna share so we have a dnt ask dnt tell understanding lol I kno that's crazy but I luv him sooo I'm willin 2 wait

3.I want to have his his whole family luvs me 2 death everytime his dad intrdocues me he calls me his daughter in law mind u we never called our selfs boyfriend nd griend we tell every1 we jus friends even we he has a girlfriend nd I cum around his dad still says it he doesn't care who's around lol nd now we both single nd been spendin alllllot of tym 2gether nd everytime we leave his house @ night 2 cum 2 mine his dad always say go make me sum grandbabies lol

4.(w) is sleepin rite next 2 me rite now nd all I can do is think about givin him head till he wakes up nd then gettin on top of him and ridin him backwards till he's almost ready 2 nut then givin him head till he nuts ;-)

5.I've been told that I'm a sex addict nd 2 go 2 rehab but I like my addiction nd I dnt want help for it lmao
 sex is gud
sex is sin
 sins r 4given so sex is in lls I read that sum where nd luved it

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