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* As a child I use to crave attention.  I would do anything to get it.  Now I just crave attention from men. If someone even acts interested I am all smiles.

* I love my boyfriend very much but if other men come on to me I play into it.  I don't cheat but I love the attention. I never tell someone that I have a boyfriend.  Most of the time they never ask.  It's all fun flirty with complete strangers. Nothing else but if my boyfriend did it to me I would be jealous.

* One of the things I did when I was younger was break my arm on purpose.  I moved an aluminum boat that was standing against a brick wall, put my arm between them and let the boat fall and crush my arm.  Did I get the attention?  Yep and not so sure why I chose that way to get it. My arm hurt so bad.  Makes me look back and think how stupid I was to do things like that.

* I want to have a sexual experience with a girl from work so bad.  She is really hot. She hangs out with me alot outside of work.  When I am alone with her I want to make a move so bad but just scared to.  She has told me stories of being with other girls and that makes me want her that much more.

* My boyfriend is the most wonderful man in the world.  He sure did have bad breathe tonight though.  I wanted to tell him but I didn't want to be mean.  It seems like when he has bad breathe he wants to be in my face more.

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