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Yeah honey, that's bad.

Yea thats my life....
1.I still love my ex boyfriend regardless of everything he has put me through. still i wish and dream that one day he will react and realize what he did. and there i would be stupid and in love taking him back.
2. I have a new boyfriend he loves me so much and has waited to be with me, he never lost hope of being with me even when i was with my ex. i do love him very much but i still love my ex.
3. I want to have 3 kids with my ex but i want to marry my current boyfriend. is that bad???
4. I hate being pretty as some say i am, in reality im really a dead person inside sure they see me happy on the outside but inside i constantly see an image of my body in a casket.
5. My best friend has cancer and i am really upset. sure i smile and mess around to make her happy she forgets she has it..... i dont whhile i smile i sneak away a tear just hinking that maybe just maybe one day i would lose her for ever.

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