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You could prevent it from happening to someone else

1. I have cheated in every relationship I have ever been in. I was not the only one cheating though. Every person I have ever been with has cheated as well. I am starting to think it is something wrong with me that makes others want to cheat. But because they did, I did it too just to make it even. I still hate myself for it.

2. I am in love but I have lied about almost everything that I have told him about me. I wish that I could come clean but then he would hate me. I am not willing to risk it.

3. I was molested when I was younger and raped as a teenager. Very few people know. I was told many times that I should tell, but it would not help or change anything, so why go through the trouble, right?

4. I used to be very suicidal but not anymore. I have had suicidal thoughts when I felt really self conscious, but I would never go through with it.

5. I am terrified that I will never amount to anything. Both of my parents have not found success. I am sure that they blame me. I want to be successful enough to take care of them but I am sure that I will end up like them.

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