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Alone in a crowd

1. I banged a famous 27 year old rapper and I'm only 18.
2. I'm scared of hurting a loved one more then death.
3. I'm extremely popular but have no close friends.
4. I cut myself sometimes.
5. Jesus is the best thing that ever happened to me.

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  1. 1. Give you a cookie.
    2. You should always do what you can to make sure you don't hurt any loved ones.
    3. And the people, like myself, on the other end of the totem pole think that popular people like you have it made. Thanks for clarifing that you also feel alone.
    4. There is no point in cutting yourself. You have a choice so choose to do something else instead.
    5. See, let Jesus be your guide. Pray instead of cutting. Jesus is amazing and he will help you through your lonely times.


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