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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby fever

1. Ive cheated on my boyfriend numerous times, I'm not even sure why. I love him with all my heart and plan on marrying him but he's not affectionate enough
2. I've tried to kill myself 6 years ago and just git extremely sick, only few people know... not anyone in my family, I still think about it every  day and I believe my anxiety has a lot to do with it but I've been on medication before and would rather risk it then be a zombie
3. I would give anything to be a mother, I guess everyone knows I want kids but no one truly has any idea the magnitude of an impact it would have in me if I ever found out I ,couldn't have kids.
4. From my anxiety I analyze everything, except it usually involves death, like as I'm driving I picture another car swirving and hitting me, or getting raped and killed by the person who won't stop staring at me, I'm in no way afraid of death since I once chose it so I don't tell people my thoughts bc it freaks them out
5. The person I could really seeing myself running away with right now isn't my boyfriend but he's amazing in bed and knows everything I like. He calls me beautiful and treats me like I wish my boyfriend would.

P.s. I am addicted to this app. On my phone, I check it every day...<3  

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