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Friday, July 23, 2010

Baby machine

*my fuck buddie is the all time best fuck ever, no one can usually get me off but somehow he has mastered me
*not a single person besides  the two of us know, we are both in long term relationships otherwise so it must stay a secret, id marry him if I had the chance though, he treats me like gold... and the best part is he makes me fell more secure than anyone ever has
*I think of killing myself everyday, but deep down I'm too good of a person to ever intentionally cause that much pain to the people I love... if only someone understood
*im in love with my fuck buddie, we joke around about how weird it would be if we both were able to say it with a straight face, at first it was completely ill use you and you could use me... but after almost 5 months of it I'm afraid if I say it, it will be true that I love him
*if I could I would get pregnant from either of the guys I'm with I know I love one and I care greatly for the other, my whole life I've known its the one thing I would be great at.... 

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