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1} I'm tryin it out wit my ex b/f again... I love him SO much but my rescent ex b/f messed my head up rly badly and now I'm sumtimes misearble and lash out on my b/f when I RLY shouldn't... he's SO wonderful!!! 
2} I have a disease called Colidis... A.K.A inflammation of the intestines... uggh it RLY sux and I cnt seem 2 get a hold on it... I'm ALWAYS in a flare up 
3} I have a BEAUTIFUL son who I friggin love 2 death and thea were 3 possible fathers... I did paternatity tests and I kno who he is but... it was a 1 nite stand and he doesn't kno tho... I heard he was a druggy so... I said screw that!!! 
4} I'm gainin weight like CRAZY frm all the steroids I'm on but I cnt stop eatin I LOVE food! And I used 2 wrkout a lot but now I cnt seem 2 get the energy 2 do it bc of this damn disease that is taking ova my life :( 
5} thea is a chance that I mite b pregnant... my mom and dad would b SO dissapointed and I RLY wanna go back 2 skl... this can NOT b happnenin 2 me rite now... I'm thinkin about abortion :/ 

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