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Blame game

I love my girlfriend, hopefully future fiance, with all my heart, but we have problems what relationship doesnt.

But you see the problems are all my fault they have always been my fault. We have broken up previous times, each time was on me.

She talks to her ex still but now i dont mind it it use to annoy me cause i thought something was up, but come to find out its nothing just me over reactin with the little things.

I plan to join the airforce and her as my military wife. But i fear that i am not what she wants anymore and i cry myself to sleep everynight about it cause i think she will break up with me very shortly, i am praying that she doesnt.

And the thing about the air force, i hope i can get in, i am so nervous about the azvab, i have already failed it once, well didnt get what i needed, i need to get in, so i can take my baby away from all this, she works so much its time she had a break she doesnt deserve this she deserves a break. And i hope i am the one to give it to her.

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