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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Creative reading required

1. I slept with my ex husband while his wife was Watching me and his boys I don't feel bad since she cheated on him while he was deployment and I don't think there new baby is even his.

2. I am in love with a deployed man who say while he is gone I can do my thing since we both no u have a stronger sex drive then the average man. But I think he is playing game with me to break my heart like I did hi when we dated last.

3. I hope my ex husband will just die so I don't have to share my kids with him.I know now that he has his so called daughter he wont be there for his kids more then he already wasn't.

4. I hate face people but that's all my family is it I hope they die horrible deaths mostly my egg doner and sperm doner.

5. I would give up my life to make Sure my kids are happy And safe. There my everything without them I would be dead.

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