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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Daughter in law to be

1.I met this guy when I was 16 soon after I fell madly n luv wit him he go locked up for tryna b a good friend(long story) I wait for him he was only gone a couple months when he got out we countined being friends then sum how we lost touch then maybe a couple months lata started back up talkin,I'm now 21 n I'm still in love with this guy he is all I ever want/need he is funny great with kids(nethier of us has any)tall very handsome respectfully nd jus all around the perfect man for me :-) I never told him this tho but he knows that I do have very stong feelings for him cause I stuck by his side thru a lot

2.his dad tells everyone I'm his daughter n law nd secretly I love it :-) I jus wish his son would be on the same page lls

3.I wanna be a very successful artist

4.I <3 this site

5.I wish #1 knew exactly how I feel about him nd would tell me the same,we have the best relationship as long as we've known each other we never argued or had a "disagreement" as sum call it we constantly make each other laugh its jus the best :-)

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