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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Different, but probably better

W. I am obsessed with wondering when my boy toy will call.  
E. I am sick and tired if being his bitch. No matter how long he keeps me waiting I never say no. 
A. I feel like I need sex more than ever. 
K. I plan to find a new boy to replace him. 
1. I know it won't be the same with anyone else. This is lightning in a bottle.

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  1. W. You should find things to entertain yourself and maybe you wouldn't think about him calling as much.
    E. You should never surrender to someone like that. You are a human being, not a piece of trash. You need to learn to respect yourself so that others will respect you.
    A. Sex is not a necessity. Yes, it's great, but you can survive without it. You should spend some time focusing on getting to know yourself and love yourself.
    K. Why don't you think about getting yourself together and then try to find a boyfriend. Boy 'toys' run out eventually and then you may end up with an STD or something like that. Be careful.
    1. If you think this guy is so great why not try to have a relationship with him?


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