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Emergency exit

1. "my bitch" has a habit that cost's me $300 a week. I am working 2 jobs just to try and keep afloat.
2.we are going through  foreclosure and need to be out in 45 days. I have no idea what we are going to do or where we are going to move. 
3.people around us think we have been saving $ to move. little do they know that within the last 60 days i have accumulated $5k in debt through credit, loans,etc. and my account is close to being in the negative.
4."my bitch"was terminated july 1st. but she pulled a few strings and now finally 3 wks.later, she is back to work.( only down fall is me and my name were used as her excuse for missing work. )(51 days missed)   
5. i am miserable and tired of keeping secrets,making excuses, and living these lies. i feel like i am being held mentally hostage. i have lost my esteem , dignity, &respect....i want out!

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