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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eyebrow trimmer

5. I posted a month ago about my wife walkin on our marriage. I was deeply hurt. I missed her more then she ever knows.
4. I'm the money maker for our family. I just got done w 7 years of school n make good money.. No doctor or what not but "upper class white trash"
3. I give her a hard time n she just quit her job so she can do school n have our kids to save on day care.
2. Our life has been nothing but dissapointments. I owe my wife the world. She is perfect trustworthy loyal patient. I could do no better... Ever...
1. This one is for her. I just trimmed my eyebrows n it didn't work out, so I'm sleeping downstairs? Your the best baby. I love u n need u, I never mean to hurt u! U n the kids r my world.
Bonus... I got her to read this site. I check multi times a day. Thanks. My wife read my original post n I took pic on my phone to read. When I doubt how I'm feeling or wanna fight I re-read n see how I felt without her..

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