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Hi All --

I had a request for assistance with signing up for the forum anonymously. For those of you who are wondering, it is both possible and easy to sign up for the forum in total anonymity.

1. Go to the forum.
2. Click "Join this Group Now!" at the upper rightish.
3. Fill out your name etc. Feel free to use a fake name. Superfake, even Fakey Fakesalot is fine.
4. Click the little purple link below the First Name field, "Name Privacy Options." Select "Nickname only" if you have used your real name and wish to remain anonymous.
5. This is the tricky part. Fill in the CAPTCHA and click join. Then and only then will the screen prompt you for a nickname. Of course, if you filled in a fake name to begin with, this doesn't really matter.
6. By default, your contact details are set to nobody, so you can choose to have your email address etc show if you wish, but it won't unless you choose to show it. It's the same for pretty much everything else you fill in on your profile.

There you go, easy peasey and totally anonymous. If you have any doubt as to how your name shows up, go to your own profile or to the member profiles section and see what appears there.  For those of you who are  posting secrets with non-active forum names, I DO check and I don't appreciate you wasting my time. I am debating whether or not to make this a rejectable offense, so cut it out!


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