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Friday, July 16, 2010

He doesn't sound wonderful to me

1. My best friend is wonderful when his life is going well, but when it isn't he tells me how awful my life is(according to him), as though that will make his life seem better.
2. I love him, but when he goes off on his tangents I wonder why I even bother keeping this friendship alive.
3. I'm a single mom of a teenage daughter.  I have other friends.  No one knows how badly he talks to me when he's having a bad day.  I lie to my family and friends when we are arguing so they won't think badly of him.
4. He's usually drunk when he acts this way.  I want to tell him I won't be around or talk to him when he's drinking, but he is so insecure I'm sure he'll take it the wrong way and think I don't care about him anymore.
5. I don't know where to find new friends anymore.

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