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In time of test, family is best

When I was 15 I set my self on fire.. I have 2 scars on my lower thigh.

I cut myself from the time I was 12-18.. you cut on top of scars.  that way noone kno's. So much has happened to me. I've tried to kill myself. 

I have had an eating disorder.. since my dad died. My sister has it too.  My mom didn't kno till I got really sick.. and barely weighed 90lbs when I was 5'5 And 16.
I'm now 20 and 5'7. I still have a eating disorder..

I wanna move back home. And be closer to my siblings but being 4 hours away I hardly ever see them. And that's where my dad is buried.

I love NCIS and law and order.svu.. 

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