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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just call me Butch

1. I have both a very satisfying sex life and a very rich fantasy life.

2. Women tend to really like me, probably because I'm very confident, in great shape, pretty sexy, dress very nicely and can be very charming. The hottest ones tend to like me the most. This situation is not always as great as it might sound. Like women in this situation, there are many drawbacks to this: stalkers, obsession people, jealous husbands when you don't even know their wives but only because their wife is staring at you, etc. Husbands and boyfriends tend to not like me a lot, because of insecurities on their end.

3. My hottest fantasy would be to watch my sexy, exotic gf be taken and used by a big, black stud. Hers too, though she might never actually do it. It drives me insane with even more lust for her to watch her in that situation, since she would look so hot doing that, and would get off on it so much. We will do this one day, perhaps with a black couple.

4. At various points in my life, I wished I were gay and that I was ok with it. I think men having relationship with another man would be soooo much easier than having to deal with some of the crazy things women do and games they play. But, I do love women so much. Between the last one and this, there might be a part of me that wants to try something with a guy. I don't feel like I'd want that though. I'm not fem in any way.

5. I can last for hours and hours in bed. In fact, sometimes it's hard for me to orgasm, since I like sex so much I just keep going. Some women looooove this, some don't. I can make my gf orgasm about 10 times in an hour to the point she passes out and can barely breath. I love doing this to her. I've gone down on her for hours at a time, both front and back. She loves that too.

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