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Monday, July 19, 2010

The last cowboy

I wish that society would fall already.

I hate the fact that this country revolves around money. what happend to people being worth what ever their skills were. Nowadays if u have a lot of money you're considerd a sombody meanwhile those who have actual value in various types of skills work harder only to make less. And in a lot of cases are treated as such.

once when I was deployed I spent all day drinkin water  so my piss was clear. When I had to go pee instead of going to the bathroom I simply refiled the bottle. since it looked like all the rest I just put it back in the fridge and left it there.

I think my boss is a total fuckin moron. not really a secret I know Im sure every one has a boss, or has had a boss they dont like.

Somtimes I wonder if there really is a god. and if so what kind of a dick is he to let the good people suffer and the assholes stay happy, rich, and healthy.   I think the saying God only gives us what we can handle is total bulshit. If that were the case then he made a lot of shitty choices in people to fuck with, based of of all the people I read about on this site who talk about how much they want to die.

(BOUNUS) To anyone who wants to commit suicide, thats ur business. my only thing is this, If ur to much of a chicken shit to do it urself, dont involve anyone else in it, By that I mean all u fuckheads that talk about driving into oncoming traffic, thats not just suicide thats also MURDER! Dont involve some happy family who loves the life they may have with ur pathetic existance.
U wanna die fine kill urself nobody else. And one last thing. what happens if u do drive into oncoming traffic and slam into a packed minivan full of kids. How fuckin great are you gonna feel when u survive and find ou u just murderd 7 or 8 kids on their way to a little league  game or somthing??? Or better yet u kill a family who has a newborn in the car. U really think ur fucked up attempt at death is going to make u feel any better?? NO!  Whatever ur problems are u can always do somthing to change them. everyone has a choice. So cowboy the fuck up and grow a pair. K, U fuckin rock.

[The feeling is mutual. Awesome post. -K]

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  1. You talk about God like a 7 year old talks about Santa Claus, just keep the faith, and he will see you through, why does it seem all of the kids these days don't believe in God? If you dont believe in God, then your not believing in yourself, he is your creater, he works through us, your last rant about suicide, and trying to protect the innocent is a good example, keep up the good work! and makes you think people with money are happy? Nobody is truly happy, that's what makes us human.

  2. I almost didn't publish the comment above. However, my general rule is to publish all comments that are not deliberately mean to posters, and I don't think that this person intends insult or injury.

    However, I must also say that with the exception of "keep up the good work," I could not possibly disagree more.

    I especially take exception to "Nobody is truly happy, that's what makes us human." There is nothing innately human about unhappiness. It is exactly this kind of poisonous thinking that leaves so many people lost and miserable. True happiness IS possible -- but like God, it's only real if you believe in it.

  3. its Ying and Yang, its finding the perfect balance, you have to know the agony of defeat before you experience the thrill of victory, pleasure without knowing pain would just be another day, nothing special, I am not saying just because you are human means that you must be unhappy, what I am saying is everybody knows what unhappiness feels like, its the way we were created, its like you said, we are all in this together.


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