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Love fool

Deserve.   I have always cheated, it is all I know. I fall in love, and then I see something new and end up hating the first love. I am in love, with falling in love.

The.   I am terrified I will end up poor and living pay check to pay check. I am going to college, but I hate any kind of schooling.

Right.   I think everything I own is a piece of shit. Everything breaks. EVERYTHING.

To.   I cannot stand any kind of human interaction. I do not like talking to people, or touching or smelling. Animals have my heart. I pity people.

Shine.   I want to love him the right way. I have hurt so many people, but I want to make him the one. His family hates me, his friends hate me, and everyone hates us, but I feel like I cannot move past him. I cheated on him of course, but he is my other half. I want to make sure this time, is the last time. I hope I am making the right decision. I am sorry for the heart I must break in order to be with my love.

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  1. awe, stop your cheating ways, and give your whole heart to him!

  2. Wow, if this isn't my best friend there really is a twin out there for everyone. If this isn't her then she has a five secrets twin. Whoever you are I agree with the first comment. Stop cheating and give him your heart. If you really believe he loves you and you love him then be together and move on. Be happy and don't worry about anyone else. :)


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