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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lunchbox larcenist

I have recently started smokin salvia. Read an article about it online and thought it seemed to good to be tru. For those who dont know what it is google it. Shits better than any other drug out there. Plus none of the negative effects. In fact its actually use to help addicts quit. Hoe can this shit be any more awsome u wonder? Its legall in  most states. Dont believe me? google it.

K, the last post i submitted  u titled it the last cowboy. Just, gotta tell u i fuckin loved it.  So I would like to ask u if u didnt mind keeping that tittle for me from now on. I intend to sign all my secrets as such so u will always know its me.

I constanlty steal food at work. Some nights i purposly dont bring anything to eat cause i know some asshead will have left me somehing. So far i have yet to be let down. Or spend a night being hungry.

 The firsttime I smoked salvia, was after watchin alice in wonderland I gotta tell ya it was one hell of a trip. One of the best highs of my life. Only drawback is tht it onoy lasted about 10 minutes the it was over. But holy shit it was an awesome 10.

Its 4 in he mourning and Im at work now. I think I may smoke a bowl just to pass the time.
[Admin here: Sorry cowboy... I work hard to make sure that each post has a unique title and only reuse titles (i.e. The Last Cowboy II) when it is obvious that it's a sequel to a first set & within a few days, which thankfully happens rarely. I love to accomodate readers when I can, but in this case your request is counter to Five Secrets' policy of deliberate and total anonymity.

I've considered various ways of making it easier for posters to ID or contact each other while still maintaining anonymity or a semblance thereof, such as the failed discussion forum name experiment, but thus far haven't been able to find a solution that is both easy for me and which is liked/used by readers. Feel free to continue signing your posts if you wish, but know that it will only be me who will know who you are. I'm glad you liked your first title and hope you like the new one too.]

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