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Sunday, July 18, 2010

May all your dreams come true

1. I'm 15 and I want to stay in a relationship with a girl for a long period of time like 1+ years but I'm a sexual kinda guy and I can't seem to find a girl who is the same.

2. I finally found this girl this past school year and we had a great relationship but she just graduated and I'm going to be a sophmore so our relationship had to end but we still have sex every now and then.

3. I broke up with my last girlfriend because she found out that I had sex with her mom. Its very odd because me and my ex are still close friends and her dad wants 2 fight me but I can kick his ass seeing how I'm 6"2 170 lbs and he's 5"8 and out of shape.

4. Another reason I think my relationships don't last too long is I want variety. I never cheat but I love women of all races and I always crave what I'm not currently with its lik a never ending cycle of want...but the thing is I dnt kno exactly what I want.

5. My mother is the worst money manager that might possibly walk the earth.the reason I'm using this app on my phone is because I work very very hard. I love sports that's my motivation and has been my dream since I was 3 I play football basketball and run track. The bad part is my mom lost a textbook of mine and I may not be able to play football unless I come up with $350 by next week and I don't know what to do seeing as how most of my money goes to my phone bill, food, and helping out my younger brothers. Ugh decisions decisions.

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