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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Might help to be nicer...

1. I hate drama but my life is so full of it, drama follows me everywhere. I think its cause I'm such a bitch to people and they wanna like punish me or something.
2. I never had an attraction to one of my closest friends baby daddys until the fourth of july, he was drunk and made me feel so hot cause he was telling me a bunch of sexual stuff about me, plus he is attractive but just not my type. He kindof a phycho hah
3. I hate my baby daddys girlfriend, she is a dumb bitch she is the drama that's following me and its not even her doing it cause she is to afraid to so she has her friends do it. She is afraid of me cause she called my kid a name and then she tried to come out to my house to pick her up and I said once you step foot on my property I can beat your ass all you want and I haven't heard from her since
4. I hate her cause she is the reason me and my babies dad can never be together again, he knows that now and he regrets it but I don't. I was not happy with him, he was like my best friend who got me pregnant which was weird I never really did like him in a sexual wanna marry and spend the rest of my life with him wasy.
5. I think I'm slowly falling in love kinda, like really slow tho. I don't love this guy but I can tell that I will someday if I stay with him for long enough :)

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