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Monday, July 5, 2010


1) I'm really confused weather this guy likes me or not. He says I'm pretty, he says he loves me and all these other nice things, but simply does nothing about it...wil he ever?

2) I feel as though no one gets me.. Not my family (most deffinetly) my friends? Maybe some.. My bestfriend.. Kinda gets the idea. Oh well.. I juss wish I could find someone that understands me.

3) I hate liars.. I can't stand them if you lie to me, I will never talk to you again.. It's my policy. Always have and might always will. This one kid lied to me.. One lie lead to another.. After everything was said and I got mad at this other kid I liked, he decides to tell me that he was "just kidding.." well since I already bitched out the kid, I felt bad so I asked him if it was true he said absolutley not.. Should of known.. But I tend to think of the right things after all the shits been said and done... I hate that quality about does my parents..

4) I wish that my parnts understood me.. It'd make my lif easier and easier for me to talk about things going on..

5) I'm 13, I'm a clean girl. Never have i ever done drugs or had thoughts of what it's like, and I don't plan on doing them. My bestfriend is amazing, sometimes doesn't understand me but whatever I love her. I'm a teenage girl that's under alot of stress..absolutely hate my life sometimes... Wonder what it'd be like with out me.. Maybe better maybe worse. Who knows?

P.s. I have an addiction to this site i check it everyday and read all of them:) they are truley intresting.

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