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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Need is a very strong word

1. I lie all the time about my parents. When I talk to my friends and coworkers about my parents I make them look like two well educated,well mannered, very understanding parents. When in reality it's nothing close to that.
2. I have been telling people that I play piano well, whereas in reality I wanna learn piano but don't have the time and patience to learn it and probably too old to learn it as well.
3. I cant date because my parents are very traditional Asians and will only approve if its an Asian guy from my very own heritage, only if they knew I am falling for my friend whom I have been sleeping with for like a month.
4. I have gotton enough of that unconditional blind love, that has suffocated me enough. I want someone who appreciates and understands me not mother me. This guy I am sleeping with is exactly that.
5. Everytime we have sex it's AWSOME..maybe my little Asian pussy and his big Irish dick is just the perfect match. I know our great chemistry is not just in bed but beyond that. He is a very loving person and a really good friend. I hope I dont screw this over by rushing through things, I need this guy and I will be smarter this time.

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