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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

No "I" in family

(f)I hate my father, he bitches at me for any an every reason. I'm scared to talk to him in fear that a normal conversation will end up in an argument.
(a)I still live with my parents, & I'm 19. I let them run over me because I fear that I'll loose a place to stay at night.
(m)My 11 year old sister is such a brat! She has no clue how to bathe herself, because her mom spoils her like crazy!
(I)There is no I in my family, it's just mom, dad, & sister. I feel like I'm just here as a tool.
(l)I fucking HATE how even though my parents know in they're heart they don't wanna be with eachother, but they trust in 'god' that he will bring them through, which I believe is total bull shit!
(why) me?

At least my gf loves me :)
love you baby!!!!!!

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