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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pretty in The City

- Is it true that you always end up Marrying your First Love ? If its like that, then that's very very Good, cuz I LOVE my First Love, but we're not together anymore. I broke up with him like a Month ago & I miss him soooo much ; I hope that Life bring us back together :)

_ I don't know, but for some weird reason I love smelling my Farts. Lmao ! I know that's really nasty, but I can't explain why I be smelling then (I'm a weirdo] XD

- My Life is pretty boring without Him. I miss him even more now cuz I haven't had sex like in 3 Months. He's the only one who knows how to fuck me. Everything feels sooo damn good ; I've only had 2 Parthners in my whole Life. I think that's enough. Since I will always love Him. No one else matter, for now. Lol !

_ I have a really low Self esteem. Everytime I see a Pretty Girl walking down the street I feel soo Ugly and trust me, there's A LOT of them in NYC. I think all this started when my Biogical Father (Which I hate with ALL my Heart] used or still calling me Names and always saying how Ugly I Am. Sometimes I feel soo bad that I don't even want to go out cuz of my Looks. Its pretty Sad. Even though a bunch of People be saying that I'm Beautiful, Cute, Gorgeous and all this nice things, but I don't believe them anymore ;(

- I sometimes got this weird feeling of dressing all Classy and shit. Like going everywhere in High Heels with nice Outfits. Lol ! Even though I don't know how to walk in High Heels, yet. I'm learning. (I'm 17] ; But yesterday I was trying some on and I they looked pretty nice on me. When I turn 20 I'm gonna start dressing like that :)

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