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Semen dreamin'

S. I love sucking my boyfriends dick.. swallowing his cum, and when he cums on my face.. its my favorite when he starts pulling my hair and tells me give more

P. We send dirty dirty pictures of our sexy parts while we are at work

E. I would love to suck his tesicles.. but he is very sensitive..

R. I masturbate to girl on girl porn.. even threesomes turn me on(I'm completely straight)

M. I would love to have a threesome with my guy and a another guy but my bf would never allow it:(

Bonus** I'm making a dirty video of me sucking my bf up then making love then he'll cum on my face and I'll suck him up again.. I'm excited 

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  1. I wanna see the video ..... and u sound really kinky I like that ..... y can't I find a girl like you ..... email me some time


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