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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smiles lie

A. I truley hate my dad with passion i hate how he always wants things his way or theres troble. He trys to say he does things for our own good bs his fucking abusive and i hate him for all the bad memorys his put me thru and he thinks is no big deal.
B. I have made a promise to my self about my kids they will never have to feel the pain i went thru. When i was in elem i use cry in the play ground while all the kids played because things were bad at home. A 8 year old going thru bs like that is not normal.
C. Is funny how with a smile you can hide so much no one could ever imagen the shit i been thru. I act happy as can be i try to put it behind me and not be depressed over a piece of shit.
D. I cheated on my husband last week it was the best i kind of feel bad
E. I love this site a lot. i was in NY last week at a bar and someone was talking about it, i was like hey i have that app lol.

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