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Sometimes you have to be your own prince

1- My mother has been a drunkard and bisexual when I was a kid. she kept saying she didn't love me, and that's why food has been at that time my best friend.

2- From this, all of my life seem to have been a struggle to resist her, to resist from sinking into her own misery.

3- When I became a teen, my mother went to prison for 15 years because of a murder she committed. during those years i had to fight a light drinking problem. i was a student, wanted to succeed, but my mother was always wispering at the back of my ear how much i could only be a hated person... i then wouldn't eat much and drink quite a lot, up to losing memory sometimes...

4- I met the man of my life. his dad had been killed by a british serial killer in the eighties. his dad was a heroin addict, and so was/is he... I've never ever loved anyone like him...

5- I met my prince on the year my mother was released from prison... I was having so many nightmares about it at the time, heroin helped me, and so i did help heroin back, as i became an addict myself. today, i've lost my prince. i'm a human resource manager no one would ever suspect to have had such a life... only addictions have changed since my childhood. my mother is still the same... but my wonderfull prince has gone...

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