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Things that go bump in the mouth

1. I'm gay and I've know since I was lil and in school has always been hard bcuz of others guys making fun of me so I used to hate being me and at times I tought about committing suicide.   
2. My biggest fear of coming out and telling ppl I was gay was that my older brother would treat me different bcuz my other brother always call me names n I've always felt like he's embarrassed of me so I didn't want my older brother to treat me like that.
3. I regret making fun of ppl in school bcuz they where, ugly, geeks, emos, ghetto, trashy, poor, I always pretended that my life was perfect n that I had everything n I used to tell ppl my parents had money n every1 believed it bcuz I had new phones every 3 months n I always had new clothes n new stuff and I made fun of ppl that r less fortunate than others n that's the most thing I've regretted.
4. I just graduated High school n I'm really scared of not reaching my dreams I want to be a photographer and an interior designer and to be wealthy n help out my family n ppl in need and I want four kids :) but sometimes I just feel like giving up its hard n my family doesn't have money for me to go to college.
5. idk what happen to me I've never messed around before till The beginning of this summer I hooked up with 2 guys then I was like omg I cant believe i did that but now I've messed around with 12 guys in total :( n I really regret it I feel like a hole I wish I can go back in time. I always planned to wait for the right guy but now its too late n I'm scared cuz I have some red bumps under my tongue n on my throat.

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