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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Those who pass away want us to live on

1. I am in love with my ex. I never thought I would see him again after so many years. The love for him never left, even after 10 years.

2. I'm married 

3. I've done things I was always strongly against.

4. If I could have predicted the future, I would be in a completely different spot. I would have put off my marriage for one. Against all odds is a song that sums that up.

5. There is nothing I would not do in order to see my dad again. I know he is in a better spot now-heaven. I selfishly want him back :(

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  1. 1) We all have questions of 'what if?' in any situation.
    2) Is it worth losing your marriage over? Although the grass may look greener on that other side, cow piss on that grass too.
    3) I have done things I never thought I would either. Sometimes we just have to backtrack and figure out what made us do those things and if we really want to do them again or not.
    4) I totally understand about the way things would be if we could predict our future. I would not have married the man I did. I hate the fact that I am divorced but I love the fact that my child and I are completely happy with life as it is right now. Every choice you have made along the way has made you the person you are today.
    5) I hate to hear that your father has passed away. It is not never a good feeling to lose someone you love so dear. Always think of the good times you had together. He is in a much better place and you will be reunited with him eventually.


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