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Using people is probably not the answer

1: i am in love with this guy at my work place. i wan to tell him how much i am into him but i dont dare because i am so afraid he will reject me and that will be the end of our friendship.

2: but everyday i feel so hurt when i can play n see him, while he will never know how i am feeling. so in order to get rid of my pain, i focus on looking at other guys, reply to message to guy that i not even interested just to divert my attention.

3: i feel so low esteem. im fat, im ugly and i have pimples. i care too much on how other people looks at me, and eventually i lost myself in the crowds. i am no longer me, and i am not being myself.

4: my ex is having a good time with his gf now. i really wonder does he love me even before when we were together. i always thought love cant be forget so easily but yet now it jus past 1 year, he already forget all the memories he spend with me for the past 1 years plus and together happily with this girl.

5: i am so broke now and how i wish i can just use a guy who likes me and spend all his money, and left for the one i love.

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