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Balls deep

#1. Love my wife and kids
#2 Wish she could handle my 10 inch cock like she
always did. She has some problems aftr a minor surgery 
and now every time we make love I put her through 
some horrible pain,she likes fuckin as much as me but
I'm gettin robbed cause after first half hour she is done,she 
gets off 1to 2 times and I don't get a nut
#3.she loves me going down on her,because I'm fuckin 
great at it
#4.problem is she don't do me so I walk around with a hard on and noone to start on 
#5. what the fuck do I do,I don't believe in cheating even
though she has on me in the past.BUT I NEED TO GO BALLS
DEEP IN SOME VAGINA,  ,   ,,, T.U. for listening 

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