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Doesn't take a trip to love the ladies

1.I know longer want to be with my girlfriend..she doesn't know becuz I haven't told her yet..I have plans to move away when I save up more and enuff money.I just can't be with her I wanna be free again.
2.I still have this thing for my ex and I just wanna fuck her one last time soo bad.
3. My first love was my pastors daughter she was the first woman I had been with I was 15 she was 26 and I still hav mad love for her, we first had sex in her parents house,
4.I'm 21 now and still cant get over her,I would do anything just to be with her again.
5.I love lesbians I am one but I have an obsession with others..I wanna Be with a girl who livesher life out on the me..someone free,and that will please me everytime I want it which is always...somebody please talk to this crazy or am I trippin?!

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