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Fake IDs have come a long way

1. I like two guys who are both great for me. 
2. The guy#1 his 21 his a really nice but a really big druggie an I myself can't leaarn to say no to drugs soo I don't want him to be the reason I become a druggie also
3. The guy#2 his 20 also nice but his just like me ;; a person who loves playing games lieing cheating an we have to be intreessed in the person 24.7 cause we lose intresst preety fast . So since both of us like games well keep it even cause if I'm the only one that plays the game ill steep all over them. yesterday I lied to guy#1 that was hellping some little kid with a project. Because I was supposed to chill with him but instead I went tochill with guy #2. So we were at a bar drinking. Everyone when for a cirget .  I wish I didn't because guy #1 passed by a saw my friend so he parked an I hid .guy #1 said his done with me so I left tomeett up with him so I can make it up. At the same time I was making things up with guy #2 .an as ilier I am when it comes to guys I made things up with both by telling a lie . Now both aren't mad . But I have to be exttra carefull not to get cought again.
5. I'm only 14 years old  

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