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Fake smiles all around

1. I think I'm fucked up in the head nd really think I need meds but I don't had them because my parents really don't listen to me.
2. I'm bi I'm falling hard for someone but I really really hate my self because of it and my parents thinkbill stop being bi by tine I hit 20 so I'll prob fake it in order to make them happy.
3. I really want to cut right now but my whole family is here so there's point because I won't be able to bleed alot.
4. Everyday I think about killing myself but I don't because I don't have the balls to and someone I kno really won't let me it really sucks I start to shake like he'll at school and shit.
5. When I go to school or when I'm around family I always put on a fake smile because I don't want people knowing how much pain I'm in daily.

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