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Looking for lovin'

1. I always read girls saying they want to fuck and do this and that and wonder if I can get a hold on them. (On Five Secrets)
2. I would gladly volunteer in getting someone pregnant idc. I'll cum inside you.
3.I love reading how girls masturbate and say they send pictures to guys (why can't I be that guy)
4. I love girl! That's no secret! The secret is I love them at any age.
5. I want to fuck every girl I see. I have a pretty big dick and the girls I fuck always come back for more. I just want one that wants a baby but no strings attached. I want to cum inside........ hey K is there any way they can contact me?

[Admin here: There really isn't any official way for posters to contact each other. There are a whole bunch of shy people sitting around over on the forum just waiting for a horse dick like you to come over and liven things up. Anaconda dude got several comments from ladies who were looking to take him for a ride, so if you read five secrets via the app you might consider watching your comments on the site ( for any less-than-shy ladies to leave you their email addresses (hint hint ladies). Check it out & maybe you'll find someone to sext you. For everyone else, I'm still waiting on the new Pro app to be approved in the iPhone app store, but once it's out it will be easier to check comments on your posts and visit the forum. If the app sells ok, I'll even enable the mobile version of the discussion forum so ya'all can talk to each other more easily, but until some cash is coming in I'm not adding a recurring expense to my life for the site. The android version will soon follow, but right now my developer is taking a much needed break and there is one very annoying and very hard-to-fix bug that needs to be worked out. Thanks all for your patience! -- Kelly]

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  1. Hey. Im known as the Virgin Nympho(both one and two) and Xray eyes.

    Would you like to talk?

    If so,
    my email is

    I have MSN Messenger, and if you do, that would be helpful.

    If not, I also have GTalk, Meebo, and Aim.


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