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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mad, I tell you...mad!

i'm long over due for a last post was since April and these days i'm very angry so maybe if i post on here it will keep me from punching this bitch in the face. when i was around 14 i made friends with this girl down the way from my home, (we lived on an Island in the Caribbean at the time) i think we stayed friends for a like two years before she finished high school and moved to NY, she was two years ahead of me in school. she said that we would keep intouch when she got here but that never happened...anyway when i came up here two years later i contacted her and we stayed in touch ever since. now i'm 24 and she just turned 27 (or so she says).

2...I used to tell people that she was my best friend, i think it was because we knew each other from back then and we were still friends and we never had a fight or anything, but the truth is we never confided in each other, or at least not too much personal info about each other because now i'm finding out about this whole new person, i didn't know she was adopted till last year. we lived close to each other here in NY and we also worked near each other which we thought was super duper freaky.

3...anyway when we saw each other or had quick convos i would tell her tidbits about my sex life or whatever, i remember telling her two years ago how i was inlove with this guy...and we slept together constantly but we werent together. and she would tell me about guys that she'd been seeing and whatnot. so this past febuary i introduced her with my guy i told her about, he and i are super duper close, we do everything couples do except call ourselves a couple. so the first night that she met him she told me how nice he was and everything, i kept telling her things about him to show her that indeed he was a nice guy (little did i know i was digging my grave)

4...a couple weeks ago she got into a jam and had to find a place to live pronto...i was telling my guy about her and he offered her his place to stay, i told her that thinking that she would probably feel awkward there but she accepted...i still wasn't feeling any kind of jealousy because i thought since i told her that he and i were sleeping together she wouldn't want to get between us. this bitch is now the main reason for my rage these days...she wants the guy, she is now trying to become his best friend, she wants to take my place. he helped her get a room to rent and bought everything to put into the place and she still won't go to her room she is still sleeping next to him on his bed in his apartment and that really ticks me off. he doesn't want her there but he is not the kind of person to be harsh to another, and i love that about him but she's using him. she is always asking where he is and what time he'll be home. how can you be such a dumb bitch and not expect to be came and found two people in a relationship or whatever you wanna call it, she asked him if he and i are together and he keeps saying no but i keep telling her i love him so much, so she doesn't understand whats going on and yet she wants to over throw me for my guy. what she doesn't know is that he tells me every single thing that goes on...the convos they have and what they did...i tell him everything she tells me. when we compare notes i found out that this bitch is always lying to me and telling my guy confidential stuff i told her, now being the bitch that she is she doesn't know that there are no secrets between me and my he and i sit back and laugh at the bitch, he tells me lets give her rope to hang herself. i mean seriously you say we're girlfriends and you wanna choose a dick you will never get that you've only known a couple weeks over your home girl...well bitch what you get take. if he was up to it i would make him fuck her and leave but he will never do it, he's too kindhearted for that. i wish she could read this and realize it's her, because my guy will kill  me if i ever tell her he tells me all they talk about. 

Bonus...If i could tell her one thing it would be "sweety why the fuck did you think you could come between me and my man? the man i've loved for so long, the man i've sucked his balls and his dick and who has eaten me out. the man who i've been so very intimate with...who would do anything for me and i him? the man i've had the best sex with...who i just have to think of and i'm wet. the man who doesn't have sex with anyone but me even if he said we're not a couple? how the fuck do you think I will make you come between the only man who could slide inside my very fat wet pussy without a condom and enjoy every stoke till he explodes? you must be mad bitch.

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