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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Maybe brainy, but not wise

My boy friend and I havent had sex in almost a month. Hes always sleeping or there are people over.
We never talk, at all!

Him and his sister take things too personally and they are both always pissed off with me about something.

It makes me want to live with my parents again. Even though I know that would just be my way of running away from my problem like normal.

I told my boy friend that when we first got our puppy I freaked and thought to myself maybe we're not ready for a puppy, he said that he thinks I'm still not ready for one. I want to call him names so badly. Just scream and yell and punch him. I'm sick of feeling like a moron because my boy friend has a brain.

I just want us to have a normal relationship but his insecurities are too much for me and that makes me extremely sad. 

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