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Mocha love

1. I love coffee. Black coffee, mocha, and coffee loaded up with cream. I love it all. 
2. I had this dream today. There was this guy (who shall remain nameless, even though he's been quite popular these last few years) and we were having the beet sex ever and the first time we were fifteen, and his friends and my friends busted in the room we were in, with his dick in my mouth, and loads of cum everywhere. Second time, I was on top of him, both in our twenties, and he had just came as much as any man could. It was great. 
3. My mom annoys the shit out of me sometimes. I know she's trying to help, though. 
4. I am going to meet B.G. sometime before I'm twenty one and get his autograph and picture! I swear, as all of Five Secrets readers my witnesses!
5. I might have ADHD. I'm not too sure. 

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