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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nothing wrong with establishing boundaries

1. I'm in love and I mean love with one of my good friends. We've always been close, when we were younger like 13 wed be on the phone all day and night. We have always made time fr eachother in our crazie life. But the past two months things have be different, in a good way. When we hang out we just lay in his bed, we hold eachother. It seems like nothing else in this whole world matters when I'm with him. Part of me wants to pretend like I don't have these feeling and the other part want to scream at the of my lungs from thehighest building that I'm in love and it the greatest feeling ever!!                     
                                                                                   add to this crazieness. I live with my ex boyfriend and the father of my son and he holds oon to the hope that one day we will get back together but the truth is I've never loved him and I can't ever see myself with him.I hate when he touches me, when he talks to me ,when he tells me he loves me and he just don't get it! He is probley the stupidest man I've ever met!       

3... I lie to everyone about not having anymoney andthe truth is I have well over 10g's in the bank... I call it my saftynet for when shit gets crazier and I need to get out I can without depending on anyone for anything. 

4... my sons barber has a thing for me and I feed into it to get free hair cuts for him. Shallow I know but really he's married so I guess it the price you pay for playin the game.  

5.... I haven't spoken to my mother in almost 7 years b.c she is a drug addact and it dosent even faze me in the least. IPeople that are close to me tell me that I have the best ablity to throw walls up and not care about who I leave behind.I agree I'm cold hearted a lot of the time and to be honest I don't think its my best feature. I get up set with myself b.c I've feel like I've lost a lot and missed out on a lot but I try to tell myself that me and my son first and if I have to ill walk right over you to get what I need... 

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