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Pregnant stripper (or not)

1...i broke up with my now ex bf a few months ago and since then hes been trying to get me back. Thats not the wierd part. Ever since then, people wont shutup about how we were like the perfect couple and stuff. I asked my best friend about it and she says it was true that we were super cute together but to be with who i want.

2...sometimes i wish i had the guts to cut myself, but i cant handle pain very well so ive never cut before.

3...i am so guycrazy its not even funny. I dont exactly stare and gawk at them but i sort of flirt from a distance if i think they look good if that makes any sense whatsoever. having issues with people joking around that im pregnant, or that im a stripper..they kinda rotate out depending on the day. (Sidenote: i want to make it extrememly clear that i am not pregnant or a stripper. Im only 13 for goodness sake!)

5...K, i love this site and i think your doing a fantastic job with keeping it up and running. If theres anything i could do to help, please find a way to let me know and i'll try my hardest to meet the requirements. Once again congrats on keeping the site so successful!!!

[Admin Here: I'm going to put up a post soon(ish) to answer this question... Five things you can do to make Five Secrets Famous or something like that... stay tuned...]

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