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Monday, August 9, 2010

Seven year itch

1.)  I've been married going 7 yrs now and I hate it.... the best thing to come was my son.... I cheat on my wife every chance I get... she is not the woman I want her go be.... she walks around every day looking bogus, hair not comb nothing she doesn't do wat normal females do and I'm un attracted to her... I think the only reason I fuck her is because she has a big booty and even then the pussy is not all dat great... I have go think about other women i slept with in the past just to cum....

2) Recently I've been cheating with this girl accrosd he way... we hang out damn near everhday we talk and.text..... its to the point where I LOVE this woman sand would give up my marriage just to be with her..... she makes me feel everything dat my so called.wice doesnt make me feel... and the pussy is off the wall good..... she recently told me she loves me and really wanna b with me..... so at least I know the feelings are mutual.... I mean its crazy how one person could make your world feel complete....... and she does for me care etc... she brings me food to work, when im sick she's always.there for me.... all in al she is the type of woman I need..

P.S. did I mention dat she is a lesbian (well since.I been hittin dat pussy she has turned straight... n ppl say its not possible.)

3) I wish my ex was still alive, then I know I wouldnt be married or I would of benn got a devorce... (my ex died in a car crash a few yrs back when i was in the military). I really do miss her (I'm bout to cry) so I'm done with this secret...

4.) I need a woman dat wants to b with a real man.. I have everything to offer...just cuz u see this post doesnt mean im not a good catch.... just ask any of my exes and they will tell you...

5) to the admin ..... great job on the site love it to death... just want to know how do I or how can I change my current sistuation I'm in with out being to harsh or bold or hurting her feelings (talkin the girl from secret Numba 1...  I wanna walkway but will feel like im abandoning my child.... and if THERE ARE IN SINGLE FEMALES OUT THERE LOOKIN HIT ME UP.... admin I hope u can make dat happen

[Admin here--

Well, I've never been married and I don't have any children, so I'm not sure if I can give you good advice on this one. As always, bear in mind that I'm just a chick with a website -- this is not professional advice and if you don't like it, don't take it!

That said, I find that whenever I am in a relationship that is not making me happy and I no longer feel any hope that we can work things out, it goes the best when I am as honest as possible without being cruel, and end it. It will probably hurt for both of you regardless of how you do it, so all you can do is try to minimize the pain and get it over with. The most painful ending to a relationship that I've experienced were those in which I did not understand why it was ending -- it makes it harder to accept that it's over when you don't know why. If you are sure that you want to leave your wife, you're not doing her any favors by staying and cheating and being unhappy yourself. Though she may not know anything on a conscious level, it's possible that she's not trying anymore for a reason -- she may be unhappy herself or be aware on some level of what's going on. On your children -- If you don't want to abandon them, don't! You can still be an active, caring, supportive father whether you and your wife stay together or not, it will just take more effort on your part.

As far as the rest of this -- if you really want to be with the woman you mention in secret 2 and feel you are in love with her, why are you looking for more single ladies here at the end? If you do decide to end your marriage, it would probably be a good idea to sow some wild oats for a while before you try to get seriously involved with someon, because it seems like there is a disconnect there. Good luck!

Much Love,

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  1. Wow, I can definitely say i more or less relate to this subject. I have been maried for seven years and also have one child. My girl aint exactly what she used to be but so far I have stuck around for the sex and because of my over gratuitous financial inabilities. Im not big on Cheating, but lately I have kept an eyeOUT for that BadASS flirt, Nice Round Bottom ladies and moderate to fair and blowJobs . I'm not to worried about my cheating strategies because I have found that I can turn it up or down jst to feel like a muther fuker.
    Kelly] ..because of my slightly modified sense of indifference I can also see it from your angle. I think that u responded with great advice because it seems honest, easy and so freakin obvious... as for me I believe that I will conclusively stick around not for being a "sucker for love" but simply because of this unexplainable hole in my pocket, and my roles and responsibilities..
    I didn't mention this but despite everything my wife is still great because she doesn't really give me shit about where I go and what I do... I jst feel that the honesty and companionship isn't there anymore...


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