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She would forgive you

1. I use to steal money from my job when I was broke. 
2. even though I tell everyone that I am over him, secretly I would give just about anything him to fall in love with me the way I did with him. he really is no good. hes a cheater, a drug dealer, a lier, broke, just about the worst man u have ever met. but I still love him. I wish I didn't.
3. I stole a check from my mother when I was 22 and wrote it out to myself for 30 bucks and cashed it. I was broke and needed the money to get by. 3 months after that my mom died. to this day I can never forgive myself.I'm 30.
4. my real dad just died and I have no sympathy.  he drank his entire life and never cared to know me or my sister. I am relieved that I no longer have to worry about him on Xmas or Thanksgiving 
5. I like gay porn. gay male porn. I'm a. girl.

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