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Some friends really do last forever

1. My best friend is so incredibly down on himself. He's always angry at the world and often drags me down with him. We've been best friends for 5 years and I'm engaged to his brother. I just wish I could make him see life isn't so terrible. Maybe he should get this app. Some people worry me on here.
2. sometimes I feel like people think I've turned into a bitch when really I just refuse to let people bring me down now. I was in a marriage for 2 years with a guy who controlled my life. I thought he was as disgustingly in love with me as I was him, but when it came down to it in the end he decided to tell me "i was forcing myself to love you". So sorry if I've become a bitch but that will not happen to me again.
3. I'm 22yrs old and obsessed with hannah montana. Sometimes I sport it loud and proud with my hannah purse, etc. and sometimes I get so embarrassed by it and I don't know why because if people are not going to talk to me over me liking hannah then they weren't really worth talking to anyway.
4.  My girl best friend reads 5 secrets and will know this was me posting and for that reason tonight I will think of my deepest darkest secrets so that she'll never know it was me.
5. Sometimes i think that the girl best friend is the only person who gets me and will end up being the person I grow old and die with instead of a husband because people can be really fucking annoying.and for that reason I push people out of my life fast. But not her. 13 years and counting. :)

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