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Sticky noting the sad away

I miss my ex, she is the one for me, we both need time to grow she says, it took long enough for me to understand it, or at least thats what i tell her so she doesnt have to worry about me being sad or anything.

i write my thoughts in this sticky note app on my phone, i find it better this way than to talk about to people cause my ex has too much going on as is, and she is really the only person i want to talk to. But like i said i dont want to worry her or have her thinking about me, when she really doesnt need that right now.

i love when she comes over it lets me know she still cares about me, im not sure why she doesnt show as much affection as she use to, i know she wants to from the way she hugs me. She even kisses me! And she says we should stop but deep down she doesnt want to i dont complain cause i take advantage!

everytime she comes over i kind of rape her, but then again i dont, she likes it she is strong as hell but eventually she gives out from the pleasure i suppose. But i know she loves every minute of it even when she is trying to fight me. Next time she comes over, its so on, i am getting horny as i type this.

i cant sleep at nights i dont know why, maybe its because of all the stuff on my mind, its 5 am and not even tired.

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  1. I can really relate to the same exact thing. I feel the same way about my ex. =/ It sucks. even though I still talk to him every night on the phone I miss him like crazy.

  2. Maybe your ex really does just need that time. Not sure what she needs to do in that time but maybe there are things she needs to get sorted in her own life. If she really is meant for you it will happen. Don't pressure her to make the decision to come to back to you. That will only push her away. If she is still in communication with you then that means she wants to be around you maybe not in a smothering way. Give it time and you will know whether its the right thing or not.


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