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Too sexy for my poncho

1.I can't wait till the new Android version comes out.! I'ma deff buy it bc Kelly's that chick.
2.Soo I was reading a post and I see Kelly's now single, I wish I could Mingle with her one night. =) lol I'll eat that pussy like no tomorrow! (FAQ chick here) :-p
3.I'm happy that I finally found employment.! It makes me such more of a happier person, Just pray to god to all out there in need, sooner or later he'll respond. I mean sheesh, it took god all my dam life to finally give me some luck. (I'm 21)
4.I love my dog.
5.I have a thing for people in uniform.

*Extra* I have a crush on Kelly, That poncho picture is awesome.! Wish I could see that beautiful body. Hehe

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