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What love is not

1,I have been married for 16 years,I cheated on my husband 1 time I got pregnant and he made me get an abortion, I truly hate that.I never told anyone and it haunts me.
(2) I have caught him with 8 women before and he has a bad reputation for being a whore.8 reaaly do hate him,He calls me names and say nobody will ever want me with 6 kids.
(3) If I could kill him and get away with it I will.
(4) i be depressed so much I just want to run away and leave with the kids but I love them so much. I have not been happy in years and everybody knows it even though I try to hide it with a smile.
(5) I'm only 31 and feel like I'm 50. I hate sleeping with him I think of all the whores he been with.I wanna know what Love is!!

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